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Welcome to Beyond 20/20 Vision Training Center

Our center is dedicated to helping children and adults treat a variety of vision problems that cannot be corrected with glasses and contacts.
This includes treating lazy eye (amblyopia), eye turns (strabismus), a variety of eye coordination and eye movement
disorders, as well as vision problems that interfere with reading and learning.

Vision issues that are treated at Beyond 20/20

Vision and


Eye Turns

Lazy Eye

Children with

Special Needs

Post Traumatic

Vision Syndrome



Most vision screenings are designed to test how clearly one can see the letters on the eye chart. If, you can see a certain size of letters from a
distance of 20 feet, that is referred to as 20/20. Many of the people we see in our office have no difficulty seeing the letters on the eye chart
and have often been told they have 20/20 vision. However, they continue to experience difficulty with their vision.

Good Vision = 20/20 visual acuity + age appropriate binocular vision
Visual Acuity:

The standard eye chart tests visual acuity or eyesight. This is how sharp each eye,
individually, sees at a distance of twenty feet. You may understand this as
seeing 20/20.

Binocular Vision:

It is vital that both eyes are working appropriately together to achieve binocular
vision. Binocular vision includes skills such as eye tracking, eye teaming, eye
focusing and visual information processing abilities. Children and adults
with 20/20 eyesight can have binocular vision problems that may
interfere with learning, job performance and leisure activities.